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SVC-B series with LED display
SVC-B12K with LED display

SVC-B series with LED display :

          This series is an improved product based on the TND series high-precision full automatic AC voltage stabilizer, featured by its deluxe style, wall mounting and complete functions; it's provided with time delay output selection, undervoltage protection selection, output overvoltage protection, overcurrent short circuit protection, direct output of mains supply (bypass) and other functions to ensure safe power supply of electric equipment.


Application Scope
       It's applicable for electric equipment in families, malls, supermarkets, schools, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, labs and so on, which is an ideal AC voltage stabilizing power supply for office equipment, household appliances, medical devices, testing equipment and communication equipment.

Major advantages
  1. Its output voltage is high-quality. When the mains supply is uninterrupted, the instant power failure will not happen to the voltage stabilizer to ensure safe and normal use of various top-grade electric appliances and home computers with the memory function;
  2. It has wide range of input voltage, strong load adaptability and simultaneous 220V and 110V output of stable voltage, especially convenient for families having imported 110V household appliances;
  3. It has multiple protections from output undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent and so on;
  4. It has differential input and output voltage indications;
  5. It's featured by its original style, attractive appearance, wall mounting, easy operation and two output selections between voltage stabilizing and direct connection. During the seasons with stable supply, users can set the voltage stabilizer at the mains supply direct connection status, in which the stabilizer will not consume power, thus being both economical and convenient.


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