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Power Frequency On-line types UPS
Power Frequency On-line type UPS

Power Frequency On-line type UPS

The series power frequency on-line UPS has a capacity range of 10kVA-60kVA. It adopts the double-conversion pure on-line structure design, intelligent IGBT module, PWM (pulse-width modulation), CPU control processing technology, pure on-line design and high-quality sine wave output voltage, which is the optimal power supply protector, providing a safe and reliable guarantee for power supply of important loads.

1.Application Scope
This product is an industrial UPS specially designed for large-scale machine halls, data processing centers, manufacture, petrochemical systems, metallurgy systems, power systems and so on. It can widely applied for power supply of important equipment in finance, traffic, post and telecommunication, tax affairs, military affairs, education, medical treatment and so on.

2.Major advantages
High reliability
1. It adopts the double-conversion on-line structure design, which isolates the interference from external power supply;
2. It has a good overload capacity and strong protection ability;
3. With 100% imbalance protection design, it's available for continuous running of load open phase system;
4. It has a 100% non-linear load capacity;
5. It adopts GBT and PWW inverters plus digital logic power control technology;
6. It adopts industrial UPS design.
User-friendly interface
Its operation interface of LED/LCD indication panel offers clear information on work efficiency and reading;
7.It's available for remote management and TVSS function through provided communication

interfaces like RS232.

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