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High-frequency On-line UPS series
High-frequency On-line UPS series

High-frequency On-line UPS series

1.Principle and Characteristics
It's available for full automatic voltage stabilizing, calibration of input power factor, digita microprocessor control, local and remote monitoring, DC starting, double-UPS warm standby, purely on-line design and high-quality sine wave voltage of output.

2.Application Scope
It's applied in major fields of national economy like computer rooms, banks, securities, tax affairs,
communication, postal service, radio/TV, public security, traffic, electricity, medical treatment,industrial control, national defense and petrochemicals.

Major advantages
1. Pure sine wave output, zero switching time and automatic detection function;
2. LED display of centralized control panel (running status or fault indication is clear);
3. Self-protection function (protections from overload, short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage,
undervoltage and emergency stop);
4. Advanced digital control technology;
5. Ultra-wide frequency input range for over 8 hours of use of generators;
6. Super-strong network management function and being available for remote monitoring through
RS232 interface.

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