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HDN series
HDN series

HDN series inverter power supply

1.Principle and Characteristics
The HDN series inverter power supply is controlled by the imported PWM and driven by the highpower MOS tube (module). When the mains supply is available, it can be switched into the mains supply status automatically through the inverter power supply. When the mains supply is interrupted or unavailable, the inverter power supply will be switched into the inverter status of battery set supply automatically for inversion of the modified sine wave AC to continue power supply for the load.This product is provided with protections from overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, storage battery overcharge and overload, which is applicable for many kinds of electric appliances. Also it's available for automatic charge the battery.

2.Application Scope
It's applicable for areas unavailable for power, vehicles, ships and places requiring uninterrupted power supply like microcomputer systems, communication departments, stores, hospitals and alarmsystems.

3.Major advantages
It's featured by its advanced circuit design, stable output frequency and voltage, strong load capacity,
automatic switching into inverter status after interruption of mains supply, reliable operation,
overvoltage protection of battery charge, undervoltage protection of battery discharge, overload
protection and other functions.

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