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SBW/DBW series
SBW/DBW series

DBW/SBW Series High-power Compensation AC Voltage Stabilizer

1.Principle and Characteristics
The DBW/SBW series high-power voltage stabilizer mainly consists of such parts as column varitran, compensator transformer, sampling control circuit, protection control circuit and low-speed synchronous motor mechanism. In case of unstable voltage of mains supply or fluctuations caused by the user's load changes, the sampling circuit will process the voltage signal and send it to the synchronous motor which then will drive the column varitran's carbon brush to move up and down to ensure the stable output voltage. It's featured by its big capacity, low loss, high efficiency, wide voltage stabilizing range, high precision, powerful protection, reliable operation, easy use and maintenance andso on.

2.Application Scope
This series of voltage stabilizer can be widely applied for large-scale equipment like electronic computers, precision machine tools, precision machines, testers, elevators, imported equipment and production lines in such sectors as industrial and mining enterprises, post and telecommunication,oilfields, railways, construction sites, schools, hospitals, guesthouses, national defense and scientificresearch, which is the ideal and high-quality AC voltage stabilizing power supply.

3.Major advantages
This product has such advantages as big capacity, low loss, high efficiency, wide voltage stabilizing range, high precision, powerful protection and reliable operation. Also it's provided with protections from open phase, output overvoltage, undervoltage and overcurrent.

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