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SJW-WB/DJW-WB series
SJW-WB/DJW-WB series

DJW-WB/SJW-WB Series Microcomputer Noncontactor Compensation Power Voltage Stabilizer

1.Principle and Characteristics
The DJW-WB single-phase and SJW-WB 3-phase series microcomputer non-contactor compensation power voltage stabilizers adopt the MCS-51 series 8-bit SCM controllor to control the thyristor modular for automatic switching of the compensator transformer's winding for the noncontactor control compensation of output voltage plus automatic, quick and stable output voltage. It's featured by its efficient and reliable operation, quick regulation, automatic 3-phase balance, free switching between voltage stabilizing and mains supply, non-contact voltage stabilizing, no mechanical failure, RS232 remote monitoring interface and total protections.

2.Application Scope
This product is widely applied for communication, medical treatment, , radio/TV and large-scale industrial and mining enterprises, especially for unattended communication stations and halls. It can meet the need for voltage stabilizing of communication equipment, radio/TV equipment, textile machinery, production lines in industrial and mining enterprises, factories, residences and different kinds of processing equipment.textile industry

3.Major advantages
This machine is provided with remote monitoring interface and fault protections from overvoltage,undervoltage, overcurrent and open phase to ensure safe operation of the voltage stabilizer and load equipment. When such faults appear, it can cut off output voltage and give off the audible and visual alarm automatically after the self-diagnosis. Once overvoltage or undervoltage returns to normal, it can restore the stable output voltage automatically. It's especially applicable for unattended communication stations and halls.

4.Technical parameters.

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