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Functions and features

1. 35mm standard DIN rail installation, complying with standard DIN EN50022. Or front
board setting (mounting holes center distance 63 mm), users can choose any one by themselves.
2. Six pole width (Modulus 12.5mm), complying with standard JB/T7121-1993.
3. May select 6+1 digits display (999999.1kWh) or 5+2 digits display, it can be arbitrary set
by users from far infrared or port of RS485 data communication.
4. Standard configuration one port of pulse output passive (polarity), May select increase a
distant port of pulse output passive (nonpolarity), complying with standard IEC 62053-31.
5. There are a port of far infrared data communication and a port of RS485 data communication.
Standard configuration communication agreement complying with standard DL/T645-
1997, can also choose any other communication agreement.
6. Three LED instructions power supply state, signal of energy impulse and communication
7. Standard configuration don’t detection direction of the flow of load current. May select
automatic detection the direction of the flow of load current. And instructions by an individual
8. Single direction measure single phase two wire active energy consumption. It is nothing
with direction of the flow of load current. Complying with standard IEC 62053-21.
9. Standard configuration type S wiring (Inlet from bottom, outlet from top) for direct connect
operation, we can also choose another type of connection, and use CT (Product Configuration
code is FC) and PT & CT (Product Configuration code is EC) for operation.
10. Standard configuration short terminals cover, may select extension terminals cover, in

order to protect to use safety. (Product Configuration code is GF).

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