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Three phase din rail type multi-function watt hour meter:DT(S)S238-2

      The meter is used in three phase four wire /three phase three wire /two phase three wire power grid. The meter is designed to measure AC active energy and variable parameter. All of its functions comply with the relative technical requirement for class 1 three phase watt hour meter in IEC61036 and its data communication rules obey the requirement of DL/T645 or MODBUS-RTU. It is a long life meter with the advantage of high stability , high over load capability , low power loss and small volume .

Basic Function

★LCD display with backlight , backup battery for LCD display at power failure

★Bi-directional total active energy, reverse active/ energy measure in the total active/reactive energy

★The meter also display three phase real voltage , real current , real power , real power factor , real frequency

★Pulse LED indicates working of meter,Pulse output with optical coupling isolation

★loss phase indication in LCD

★RS485 communication port

★35mmdin rail installation 

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