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Main Technical Data:
1. Rated current: 10A,16A,25A,40A,63A,80A,100A
2. Rated residual operating current: 0.01A,0.03A, 0.1A, 0.3A.
3. According to behaviour in presence of d.c. Components: Type A, Type AC.
4. Pole: 2p, 4p.
5. Rated residual current operated making and breaking capacity Im:500A(In=25A,40A); 630A(In=63A).
6. Inc: 6000A;    
7. Ic: 6000A;
8. Rated residual non-operated current: Ino: 0.5In 

    The product  circuit breaker rcbo is used in AC50 / 60HZ two poles 230V, four poles 400V,rated current up to 63A, It can automatically and immediately cut off power supply once someone suffers from electric shock or leakage current above specified value. It can effectively protect personal security and avoid the damage to equipment. The residual current operated circuit breaker can also function as overload and short-circuit protection and unfrequent changeover of line under normal condition.
     The product is suitable for industry, business, building, residence ,etc.
     It is conformity with GB16916.1, IEC61008-1 standards

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