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ZGS11-200~1000 three phase combined transformer  


Production introduction

1. ZGS 11 combined transformer is one of the high-tech products developed by our company on the basis of pad-mounted

2. Range of capacity: 200-1000KVA. The product is suitable for the neutral-point insulation system or small-resistance grounding
system in a 10KV/11KV distribution network, or neutral-point solid grounding system of a three-phase four-wire system in a
400V distribution network.
3. Excellent design, reliable distribution, compact structure, light in weight, and low noise, etc; it has two types of cable outlets:
ring net type and terminal type.
4. The product can be placed directly into the load center of 10KV/11KV network, thus the line loss is reduced and power
distribution reliability is increased.


Performance characteristics
1. The ZGS11 combined transformer consists of high-voltage and low-voltage chambers and transformer tank in the operation chambers.
2. H.V. incoming lines in 10KV/11KV cross-linked cables are connected to load switch through knuckle connectors, straight plugs and sleeve sockets.
3. On the high-voltage side, a protection of double fuses (backup current-limiting fuse and plug-in type of fuse are used.
4. There are terminal type and ring net type high-voltage load switches for selection.They are easy to connect, convert and reliable for power supply.
5. In the low-voltage chamber, a fixed type or drawable type is optional for the low-voltage switch cabinet according to user's requirement. Various low-voltage apparatus, such as metering and protection instruments are available. (Note: In general they are customized)
6. The oil tank is fully-sealed by corrugated radiators, which features compact and superior appearance.

Applicable standards
GB1094.1-2-1996 Power Transformer
GB1094.3; 5-2003 Power Transformer
GB/T6451-1999 Technical parameters and requirements for three-phase oil-immersed power transformer

Note for placing order:
Hermetically-sealed distribution transformer
1. Transformer type: ________________
2. Rated capacity (kVA) : ____________
3. Number of phases: three-phase, or single-phase
4. High voltage (KV): ______________
5. Low voltage (KV): ______________
6. Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
7. Tapping range: ±4x2.5%, or ±3x2.5%, or others;
8. Connection group: Yyn0, or Dyn11, or others;
9. Impedance voltage: 4%, or 6%, or others;
10. Cooling method: ONAN, or ONAF;

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